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Startups are hard. Crypto startups are harder. The Plexus project has a singular mission to to make launching startups easier by providing the tools and services blockchain and cryptocurrency projects need for business success.

What is Plexus?

Plexus was created by a decentralized network of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry experts and enthusiasts that includes seasoned business strategists, marketing experts and advisors who have first hand experience with the challenges facing startups. Rather than see good code go to waste, the core team rescued a failing masternode coin named Prufus and repurposed it as Plexus (PLXS). The project helps other cryptos succeed by supporting legitimate projects and providing blockchain and cryptocurrency companies a suite of tools to launch and grow successful companies.

Plexus simplifies project management, community building, marketing and other key components of successful cryptocurrency launches with tools developed specifically for the task at hand.


strategy & marketing


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Managing marketing for blockchain and crypto projects can be time consuming and overwhelming. The Plexus suite of marketing tools will help teams manage and automate much of their marketing and community building tasks.


Management & business development


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Tools to help manage projects outside of development for marketing, customer relationships, partner management, evangelism, and more all tailored to the needs of crypto projects.


community Engagement


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Community building is one of the most critical aspects of crypto project success. The Plexus platform includes content development and curation, sharing and influencer management tools to help projects increase engagement and draw more participants to fulfill their goals.

Plexus Coin

Plexus (PLXS) is a masternode based utility coin used in every facet of the Plexus platform. It is how projects pay to use the tools and services provided on the platform and across the Plexus network.


Plexus swap

Plexus makes it easy for visitors to obtain your coin using BTC, ETH, PLXS and dozens of other cryptocurrencies on your website or in your wallet.


Community building platform

Plexus makes it easier to create and manage a social media army to increase content sharing and engagement and grow your community.


Project and customer management

Plexus provides a customizable project management platform prebuilt for crypto projects with components every project needs to succeed – marketing, biz dev, and operations.


As the Plexus project progresses, more specific quarterly goals will be added to the timeline. Please join our community to stay up to date and learn more about how Plexus can help you or how you may join the Plexus Masternode Network.

Phase 1 - Prepare Prufus Swap

Prepare Prufus Swap Project - COMPLETE

Prufus was a coin launched by developers that abandoned it after they made their money from the community. Rather than give up, the community banded together to take over the coin. We spent weeks forking the code, finalizing the strategy and preparing for a public launch of the new blockchain.

Phase 2 - Launch, Swap, and Exchange

Launch Plexus and Swap Publicly

During this phase we will publicly launch the network, carry out the Prufus to Plexus swap, and launch on the Graviex exchange.

Phase 3 - Upgrades, Training, and First Product Prep

Upgrades, Training/Docs, Prep First Tools

We will continue to upgrade the network, the wallets, and launch new training materials around using Plexus. In addition, our team will be working on the first tools we will offer to the network for cryptocurrencies to achieve success.

Phase 4 - First Product Launch

Launch 1st Tool, Marketing, & Upgrades

Upgrades to the network and wallets will continue. We will launch the first of our products during this phase to help cryptocurrencies succeed.

Our marketing team will begin our initial marketing campaigns using our own tools and professionally managed ad campaigns and social media strategies making use of our team’s extensive experience in digital marketing.

Phase 5 - Launch Tools 2/3

Launch More Tools / Upgrades

Upgrades to the network and wallets will continue. We will launch the first of our products during this phase to help cryptocurrencies succeed.

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